B2B Accessories Collection

Charging cable and computer accessory assortment of Xoopar. They may be different in usage but they share a common theme. They come with variety of vibrant colours, all have specific innovative usages and a strong character that embodies them. Discover the full collection below!

Our cables serve one purpose: All in one charging solution! Because we value convenience and sharing. Discover our famous octopus series; it's a very handy multi cable with sleek design and strong character. If only charging not enough for you use than Octopus Booster can be right choice! It packs an emergency battery inside which will backup while you re-charge. Boosts an extra 3-4 hours of use while you're on the go!

As for the computer accessories: The world known Pokket mouse which was a big hit on 2009 now has a new face! It is a colourful and slim wireless mouse. Right into the pocket! Check the video below.